BWACA: A Collection of Poems About Family and Friends

BWACA: A Collection of Poems About Family and Friends

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As you read in this book, family is more than those who you are born into. You have friends, the family you choose. You have their family, your second family. You have God and the Church, creations of the Father. Then there's the family you can create if you choose to get married. As you read this book, you will see and experience the relationships between one has with their family, be it by birth, faith, marriage, or another choice. You will see the beginning of friendship, the struggles of friendship, the fights during friendship, and the love during friendship.You will see what it means to be a friend. You will also see specific tales of the people I love that are in my family. Enter into BWACA: the Book Without a Cool Acronym.Heather Mead. Tree of Friendship Friends... are like oranges. Please, hear me out. To me, oranges arena#39;t things you can live without. But for serious, ita#39;s a fruit you cana#39;tjudge by its look. Like a book, you open it up to its sweetness. Like a cup anbsp;...

Title:BWACA: A Collection of Poems About Family and Friends
Author:Heather Mead
Publisher:Heather Mead - 2012


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