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a€œYoua€™ll never think the same way about your morning cup of coffee.a€ a€”Mark McClusky, editor in chief of and author of Faster, Higher, Stronger Journalist Murray Carpenter has been under the influence of a drug for nearly three decades. And hea€™s in good company, because chances are youa€™re hooked, too. Humans have used caffeine for thousands of years. A bitter white powder in its most essential form, a tablespoon of it would kill even the most habituated user. This addictive, largely unregulated substance is everywherea€”in places youa€™d expect (like coffee and chocolate) and places you wouldna€™t (like chewing gum and fruit juice), and Carpenter reveals its impact on soldiers, athletes, and even children. It can make you stronger, faster, and more alert, but ita€™s not perfect, and its role in health concerns like obesity and anxiety will surprise you. Making stops at the coffee farms of central Guatemala, a synthetic caffeine factory in China, and an energy shot bottler in New Jersey, among numerous other locales around the globe, Caffeinated exposes the high-stakes but murky world of caffeine, drawing on cutting-edge science and larger-than-life characters to offer an unprecedented understanding of Americaa€™s favorite drug.... instant, 33, 53, 150a€“151, 232 Keurig system, 50, 52, 204, 234 Kona coffee, 39a€“ 41 military and, 148a€“150, 223a€“224 robusta, 27, 33, ... Warning Network, 219 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), 69 DSM (Diagnosticand Statistical Manualanbsp;...

Author:Murray Carpenter
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-03-13


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