Calculus and Its Applications

Calculus and Its Applications

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This extremely readable, highly regarded, and widely adopted text present innovative ways for applying calculus to real-world situations in the business, economics, life science, and social science disciplines. The text's straightforward, engaging approach fosters the growth of both mathematical maturity and an appreciation for the usefulness of mathematics. The authors' tried and true formula a€” pairing substantial amounts of graphical analysis and informal geometric proofs with an abundance of hands-on exercizes a€” has proven to be tremendously successful. Functions, derivatives, applications of the derivative, techniques of differentiations, exponential and natural logarithm functions, definite integral, variables, trigonometric functions, integration, differential equations, Taylor polynomials and probability. For individuals interested in an introduction to calculus applications.Practice Problems 4.4 I Exercises 4.4 1. Find ln(v^). 2. Find ln(l/e). 3. If ex =4.1, write x in terms of the natural logarithm. 4. If e~x = 2.9, write x in terms of the natural logarithm. 5. ... If lnx = 2.3, write x using the exponential function. ... -3 g eln2.88 -2 In e\ 7. lneaquot; _lnl 9. ea#39; 11. ln(lne) 8. eaquot; 10. ln(eaquot; a€ž4 In 1 12. eaquot; Solve the following equations for x. ... injection can be approximated by a func- The graph for t agt; 0, has the general tion of the form fit) = c(e of f{t) = 5(e-01a#39; -e~ aquot; shape shown in Fig.

Title:Calculus and Its Applications
Author:Larry Joel Goldstein, David C. Lay, David I. Schneider
Publisher: - 2001


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