Call of Duty - Call of Duty

Call of Duty - Call of Duty

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 81. Chapters: Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Game Modes, Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Levels, Call of Duty 5 DS Weapons, Avro Lancaster, Beach Landing, Berlin, Big Metal, Bloody Nose Ridge, Boot Camp, Castle Approach, Dangerous Waters, Dawkins, Dimarkurato, Field, Hitscan, Into the Darkness, Into The Jungle, Island, Lanchester submachine gun, Luger, M1 Garand, Melee, Milk Run, Missed Delivery, ML-20, Mortar, MP40, Nintendo DS Awards, Nuclear Secrets, On the Run, On the Water, Palace, Panzer Attack, Promotion, Reichstag, Sabotage, Shuri Castle, Silence the Guns, Storming the City, Storm the Walls, Supply Lines, SVT-40, The Fall, Two Roads, Type 97 rifle, Type 99, Walther G41, War Room, War Torn Streets, Webley Mk IV Revolver, Wrecking Crew, Field, Island, Jungle, Palace, Rhine Forest, Seelow, Trenches, Arisaka, Assault Rifle, BAR, Handgun, Kar98k, Lanchester submachine gun, Lee-Enfield, Light Machine Gun, Luger, M1911, M1919 Browning, M1 Garand, M2 Flamethrower, Mk 2 Grenade, ML-20, Mosin-Nagant, MP40, PPSh-41, Revolver, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Springfield, Sten, STG-44, Stielhandgranate, Submachine gun, SVT-40, Thompson, Tokarev TT-33, Type 100, Type 97 rifle, Walther G41, Webley Mk IV Revolver. Excerpt: The Avro Lancaster was a British bomber seen in Call of Duty: World at War (DS). The Lancaster was featured exclusively is the level qMilk Runq from the British Campaign. It was used to destroy a manufacturing depot, a repair depot, a communications building, and a tank convoy. The player could switch between qbomber modeq and qflight modeq by pressing up or down on the D-pad. If engaged by enemy aircraft, the bomber would switch to the guns turrets, so the player could destroy the enemy aircraft. The bomber was last seen on fire flying over a barn followed by the sounds of an explosion, presumably destroyed. Add a photo to this gallery qThere's the damn artillery! ...This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Title:Call of Duty - Call of Duty
Author:Source: Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2012-05


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