Camping's Top Secrets

Camping's Top Secrets

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Discover the best-kept secrets of expert campers, which are divulged in this book by Cliff Jacobson, a seasoned veteran of the sport.... caring for, 11a€“13 sharpening, 11a€“12 sheathing, 12a€“13 splitting logs and kindling with, 11, 13a€“14 storing, 14 using, 10a€“11 ... 35a€“39 canoe pockets, 35a€“36 emergency repair kit, 36 gel-coat repair and maintenance, 38a€“39 making a belly cover, 37a€“38 seat ... 49a€“51 adjusting for declination, 49a€“50 using a watch as, 50 cone of protection, 103 contact cement, 51 contour lines, 109a€“12 cooking, 51a€“61.

Title:Camping's Top Secrets
Author:Cliff Jacobson
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2013-03-26


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