Cannibal Lake

Cannibal Lake

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Summer finally arrived and Ben, Susan and Mike were excited to close their textbooks and spend the summer at the lake. Their parents were glad their kids loved spending the summer at the lake because it gave them some time to themselves to not worry about what their kids were up to. Their parent's dropped off their kids, waved goodbye for the last time. The camp had been closed for a couple of years because of a secret governmental experiment that went horribly wrong. But since the new owner of the camp got clearance from government officials that deemed it safe for the public. The owner was able to reopen the camp. But the government forgot to dispose of the cannibal people that were sealed in the barrels. Since no reports of any deaths at the lake were reported. The government just put the file on the lake experiment in a filing cabinet. Shut the drawer to never be heard from again. So they hoped, but that's one file that's not going to stay buried for long. Ben, Susan and Mike's fun filled summer at the lake would be the last fun they would ever get to spend together. They grabbed their sleeping bags and luggage and raced towards the cabin they would be staying at for the rest of the summer. Everything was going fine for the first month until the grounds keeper went missing. The sheriff came out to question the kids, but no one seen or heard a thing that would lead to the whereabouts of the grounds keeper. The sheriff couldn't file a missing persons report until forty-eight hours later. Ben said, qWe all know the grounds keeper Sam was a little odd, so why should we be too worried. He'll probably show up in the next day or two. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to go swimming in the lake. When Night falls, we can roast some marsh mellows and sing songs around the campfire.q Susan and Mike replied, qThat sounds like a plan.q They all got their bathing suits on and headed down to the lake to get this party started. Mike snuck in some beer in a cooler to heighten the excitement. Mike grabbed his cooler and Susan and Ben asked him what was in the cooler. Mike replied, qI'll show you when we get to the swimming ramp. Susan and Ben watched with excitement as Mike opened the cooler. Mike reached in the cooler and handed Ben and Susan a beer. Everyone popped the tops off the beer cans and gulped them down like they were drinking water. Ben asked Mike, qYou don't think the boogie man got Sam do you?q laughed Ben as he let out a belch from gulping down the beer too fast. qNo, silly, the boogie man didn't get him. He's probably passed out drunk somewhere in these woods and will probably come staggering back at any moment, q replied Mike with a smirk on his face. Mike also said, qI think we still have quite a few beers left to drink and they're going to get hot in this blazing sun if we don't drink them soon.qOk! I'll get me another cold oneq said Ben as he staggered over to the cooler. Susan said, qWhat about me, I would like another too?q Ben handed Susan another and they all downed their second beer and were getting hot and decided to go for a swim. They were all having a good time together, but the good time was about to end because all of a sudden when they all went under the water at the same time then resurfaced, Ben was gone. Susan wiped the water from her eyes and said in a panicq Mike! Where is Ben, I don't see him anywhere?q Mike answered, qHe's probably at the cooler getting him another beer or he's playing a practical joke on us.q As they both were swimming into shore a skull floated to the surface. Susan looked back and said to Mike, qLook there's something floating on the surface of the water.q Susan told Mike to check it out, but Mike said as he laughedq I'm not going to see what it is. Why don't you go instead?q Susan said, Ok! Chicken, I'll go see what it is.q Susan swam back out to investigate. The closer she got to the floating object the more evident it wasn't a ball floating on the surface it was something else. Susan picked up the object and started screaming and dropped the object out of her hands and swam back to shore as fast as her legs arms could get her there. When she got to shore she stood up and fainted. By that time Mike knew this was serious. Mike picked up Susan and took her back to the cabin to wait until she came too. Then he asked her what scared the hell out of her. About thirty minutes later Susan woke up and sat up in bed and started rocking back and forth with her hands on her face crying and shouting Ben! No! Ben! Then she fainted again. Mike shook Susan trying to wake her up, but she just kept mumbling, Ben, Ben, Ben. Mike decided to get help. He ran to the main office where the owner of the camp stays. Mike burst through the door and went over to the ownera€™s desk to ask to borrow his phone. He called out to the owner, but got no answer. The owner was sitting in his chair with his back facing Mike. Mike thought he just dozed off. So Mike went over to tap him on the shoulder and the owner fell out of the chair. Mike was in panic mode now and couldn't believe what he was seeing. The owners face had been half eaten and all of his vital organs had been eaten on. Mike started vomiting out of control. Then all of a sudden Mike heard someone talking in one of the rooms of the cabin. He went over to investigate and when he opened the door someone pushed him onto the floor. Mike was unaware of what horror was behind the door. Mike tried to escape, but couldn't because the room was filled with cannibalistic people that were hungry for flesh. Mike screamed in agony as the cannibal people tore into his body like a bunch of wild animals.Summer finally arrived and Ben, Susan and Mike were excited to close their textbooks and spend the summer at the lake.

Title:Cannibal Lake
Author:Drac Von Stoller
Publisher:Drac Von Stoller - 2013-05-23


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