Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brain

Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brain

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a€œIn this user-friendly guide, Dr. Richard Carmona gives specific, practical advice about optimizing brain function based on the best scientific evidence. I recommend it.a€ (Andrew Weil, author of Healthy Aging and True Food). Synthesizing the cognitive science behind memory, sleep, stress, and addiction, Canyon Rancha€™s 30 Days to a Better Brain is the definitive guide to caring for your brain during all stages of your life. Dr. Carmona and the experts at Americaa€™s leading wellness center guide you through the anatomy of the aging brain, how stress and toxins affect your mind, and the importance of sleep, laying out a thirty-day nutrition, exercise, and medical plan to help you achieve optimal brain health. Youa€™ll also find answers to all your questions, including how your health is affecting your brain, what foods to eat and what to avoid, whether or not supplements are necessary, what important medical tests to ask your doctor about, and how best to challenge your brain. Also included are techniques for practicing mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual contemplation. The immense benefits of this thirty-day program include better memory, mood, and sleep; faster, sharper thinking; more energy; quicker reflexes; safer driving; improved attention span; and much more. Combining the best of traditional and alternative therapies, behavioral science, and exercise physiology, this indispensable guide from a€œone of the finest Surgeon Generals in our nationa€™s historya€ (New York Times bestselling author Dean Ornish) will help you maintain and enhance a strong, agile mind so that your body does not outlive your brain.JeffRossman, PhD; Ann Pardo MA, LPC, ACS, NCGC; Julie Haber; and Karen McIntyre, MSW, were integral in the creation of ... Clady-Giramma, LAc, Dipl OM; and Gary Schwartz, PhD, shared their expertise regarding alternative therapies.

Title:Canyon Ranch 30 Days to a Better Brain
Author:Richard Carmona
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-05-06


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