Capillary Gas Chromatography

Capillary Gas Chromatography

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Analytical techniques based on separation processes, such as chromatography and electrophoresis, are finding a growing range of applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories. This series provides the analyst in these laboratories with well focused books covering individual techniques, so that they can be applied more efficiently and effectively to contemporary analytical problems. Capillary gas chromatography is one of the most powerful separation tools available to analysts working in a wide diversity of disciplines. Capillary Gas Chromatography will give practising analysts a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject, giving a thorough account of the many fascinating and important developments occurring in the field in recent years. The theory is presented with practical applications in mind. Common problems encountered when using this technique, and the means of overcoming them are also presented. Capillary Gas Chromatography will be of great practical use to analytical chemists using the technique, including those in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, clinical, and petrochemical industries. It will also be invaluable for graduate students and researchers involved in the need to separate complex mixtures.IU_ 0 70 min Figure 8.8 Simulated distillation chromatogram for motor oil spiked with hydrocarbons. ... Only the more common troubleshooting problems are dealt with here and the reader is referred to the series of articles by J. Hinshaw whichanbsp;...

Title:Capillary Gas Chromatography
Author:David W. Grant
Publisher:Wiley - 1996-03-19


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