Capsize of the San Mateo

Capsize of the San Mateo

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On February 16, 1983 twenty-three middle school children and nine adults ventured out to sea for an ordinary whale watching adventure. As the San Mateo moved harmlessly through the calm harbor waters of Morro Bay. They reached the harbor entrance then suddenly the ocean became violent tossing the boat about. Then striking it with three 30-60 foot waves crushing the small 42 foot vessel into tiny bits.I think I was picked on because I had asked too many questions. I guess those mean high school kids never had the right answers so they picked on me instead of answering my questions. ... At school you have to learn from so many quizzes and exams. ... Three hours of skating to 80s music took that stress right away.

Title:Capsize of the San Mateo
Author:Herb Eash
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-01-14


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