Captive to Christ, Open to the World

Captive to Christ, Open to the World

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In this wide-ranging and engaging collection of interviews, Brian Brock discusses how Christian faith makes a difference for life in the modern world. Beginning with a discussion of teaching Christian ethics in the contemporary academy, Brock takes up environmental questions, political and medical ethics, the modern city and Christian responsibility to it, energy use, the information age, agriculture, political consensus and coercion, and many other issues. The reader is thus offered a broad and incisive discussion of many contemporary topics in a brief, illuminating, but never super cial manner. The bookA•s unusual conversational style allows strikingly clear, creative, and concrete theological connections to emerge in the spaces between moral questions rarely thought of as linked. As the title suggests, the running theme of the interviews is being bound to Christ and placed into the contemporary world. BrockA•s theological readings of contemporary cultural trends are vigorous, unapologetic, and insightful, and they offer delightful surprises as well as fertile new ways through the sterile impasses of many issues currently being debated in the public square. This book provides an excellent starting point for those interested in fresh theological insights into contemporary ethical questions and an accessible introduction to BrockA•s previous ownersa#39; club, go on a rally with them, talk their talk or be part of their a€œ crowda€a€”they live in a world that is inaccessible to me. Yes, we are contemporaries as wheel users, and as internal combustion machine operators, but for themanbsp;...

Title:Captive to Christ, Open to the World
Author:Brian Brock
Publisher:The Lutterworth Press - 2015-02-26


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