Captured by a Smile

Captured by a Smile "Imprisoned by Love"

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Growing up in a crime-infested neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, D. W. Gutridge suffered physical and psychological abuse that caused him to doubt his inherent self-worth. There was nothing positive to drive his life until he walked down the street one day-and right into a miracle. A girl smiled. And she smiled with such effervescence that his life was forever changed. In this emotional and sincere memoir, D. W. Gutridge looks back on meeting Jackie Dee, the girl of his dreams. During that brief encounter more than thirty-five years ago, he received a vision of the two of them together-for life, and that vision gave him a purpose and focus he'd never before known. During the next few years, as D. W. Gutridge struggled to make his desires known to Jackie, a tug-of-war developed between his beautiful love for her and the harsh environment around him, pulling him into a life of violence, alcohol, and drugs. But through it all, he was unwilling to give up on the girl of his dreams. Captured by a Smile touches on life issues and events we all encounter, including our first kiss, our first love, and our first heartbreak. D. W. Gutridge's extraordinary story of unparalleled love and redemption brings us hope.I escaped without so much as a scratch. I jumped out of my car, ran ... the driver in the head. The car door wouldna#39;t open, but I was in such a rage that I got him into a headlock and ... These guys from a nearby forklift repair shop heard the crash and then witnessed me punching and choking the driver. They ran over, got hold anbsp;...

Title:Captured by a Smile "Imprisoned by Love"
Author:D.W. Gutridge Sr.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-11-22


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