Carpentier Falls

Carpentier Falls

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When two homeless boys foraging for food stumble upon the body of restaurant owner Carlos Guerrero, they notify Kurt Maxxon. Ita€™s the third time in four years that racecar driver Maxxon finds himself involved in a murder case. Carlos was a friend, and hea€™s determined to help authorities find the killer. A letter from Carlos addressed to Kurt surfaces, and it is the first big clue. The letter contains a set of directions; Kurt follows them and finds incriminating evidence implicating a prominent local politician, one of Carlosa€™s associates. Kurt follows more clues in a bid to pinpoint why Carlos was killed and who should be blamed. He runs into a number of dead ends, but he continues asking questions and uncovering answers in his own unique ways. Against this backdrop, Kurt also has another mission: to win a race at the River Flats International Speedway. Find out who wins, who loses, and who killed Carlos in the third book in the Kurt Maxxon series, Carpentier Falls.Both boys were ready to record my lap times and do other things Maurey asked of them. Maurey had ... If the bleachers on the back straightaways had as many people, we would have a crowd of forty to fifty thousand people. ... I then switched on the electrical system, turned on the fuel pump, and levered the starter switch. ... I was in the third position, behind Hermann Nordstradt, in the number 88 Ford Taurus, on the pole, and Sean Forester, driving the number 29 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Title:Carpentier Falls
Author:Jim Overturf
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-06-03


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