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Casinonomics provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic and social impacts of the casino industry. Examining the latest cutting-edge research, with a mix of theory and empirical evidence, Casinonomics informs the reader on the most important facets at the forefront of the public policy debate over this controversial industry. While the casino industry has continued to expand across the United States, and around the world, critics argue that casinos bring negative social impacts that offset any economic benefits. Casinonomics examines the evidence on the frequently claimed benefits and costs stemming from expansions in the casino industry, including the impact on economic growth, consumer welfare, and government tax revenues, as well as gambling disorders, crime rates, and the impact on other businesses. Readers will come away with a better-informed opinion on the merits of these arguments for and against public policies that would expand casino gambling.There does seem to be a general consensus that problem gamblers may have higher propensities to commit crimes, but what about the majority of people who do not ... For example, an entire issue of Journal of Gambling Studies was dedicated to comorbidity in 2003 (vol. ... Grant and Steinberg (M5) examine the incidence of compulsive sexual behavior among problem gamblers, and find a strong linkanbsp;...

Author:Douglas M. Walker
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-05-15


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