C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (Full Edition)

C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (Full Edition)

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This book is not about a traditional introduction to Eclipse. This book gives a practical introduction to Eclipse. It introduces the features of Eclipse in the logical order in which any C/C++ programmer would need them; use them. The book is appeals to a wide range of audience: It can help a student/freshman who has just started programming It can help a full time programmer to be more productive with Eclipse It can help a seasoned programmer maintaining a huge software stackCode Review Jupiter Jupiter Eclipse Plugin [http://code.google.com/p/ jupitereclipseplugin/] isan excellentplugin forcodereview rightfromwithinEclipse. For more details, download the latest UserGuide from Jupiter project download list.

Title:C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse (Full Edition)
Author:Purnank Harjivanbhai Ghumalia, Meera Purnank Ghumalia
Publisher:Meera & Purnank Ghumalia - 2014-01-15


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