Chaotiki - Chaotic Trading Card Game

Chaotiki - Chaotic Trading Card Game

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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 54. Chapters: Cards, Fan Terminology, Sets, Aquashield, Aqua Shield, Barrath Beyond, Brrug, Canon of Casualty, Chorus of destruction, Cordac Falls Plungepool, Cyclance, Danian Guard, Decrescendo, Deenha, Diamond of Vlaric, Discord of Disarming, Elixir of Tenacity, Everrain, Fearocity, Flux Bauble, Formicidor, Fortissimo, Gauntlets of Might, Ghuul, Glacier Plains, Gleptodd, Gothos, Grook, Ibiaan, Incinerase, Iparu, Iron Balls, Iron Pillar, Jiggorex, Junda, Kannen, Kebna, Kelvedran, Ken-I-Po Island, Kerric, Khybon, Kiru, Kiru City, Krekk, Lake Ken-i-po, Lavalanche, Lava Pond, Lhad, Lightning Burst, List of Mugics, Lomma, Lore, Maglax, Mallash, Megaroar, Miklon, Mipedian Cactus, Mipedian Range, Moon Flats, Mowercycle, Mugician's Lyre, Najarin, Nauthilax, Odu-Bathax, Orth, Owis, Phobia Mask, Pyrithion, Pyroblaster, Qwun, Raimusa, Rarran, Refrain of Denial, Ribbian, Ring of Na'arin, Rock Wave, Rothar, Rustoxic, Screeth, Sha'cree Flats, Shackle, Shimmark, Shriek Shock, Siado, Skeletal Steed, Skeletal Strike, Skeleton Springs, Skithia, Sobtjek, Song of Fury, Song of Recovery, Song of Resurgence, Song of Reversal, Song of Translocation, Spirit Gust, Squeeze Play, Staluk, Stelgar, Stone Mail, Storm Tunnel, Talisman of the Mandiblor, Tartarek, Tharax, The Kashere Driftlands, Toadore, Torrent Krinth, Torwegg, Toxic Gust, Ubliqun, Ulmar, UnderWorld Colosseum, Underworld Guard, Uro, Valanii Levaan, Velreth, Viledriver, Vine Snare, Vinta, Viperlash, Vlaric Shard, Whepcrack, Windslash, Xaerv, Xelfe, Yokkis, Zalvar, Zhield, Codes, Cothica, List of Abillities, Tribes, Big Four, Dawn of Perim. Excerpt: Aqua Shield is a Battlegear Card. um escudo parecido com um triangulo que protege de ataques de fogo. Notes Notes Notes Notes Aqua Shield is a Battlegear Card. A handheld shield used to reduce attack damage as well as boost resistance to Fire-based attacks. Kaz: Tom equips Aqua Shield to Maxxor in his first battle. Barath Bey...This book consists of articles from Wikia.

Title:Chaotiki - Chaotic Trading Card Game
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-11-05


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