Chasing the Meridian

Chasing the Meridian

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Sarah Levine, the lone survivor of an ancient alien race, is dying. She has died thousands of times before, but knowing that does not make it any easier. In her eyes, being a human is a true wonder, but time is running out. Sarah chooses three infants modern-day descendents of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten to lead the world into an enlightened age. Unfortunately, Sarah may not be able to protect the chosen ones from those who want to destroy them. Sarah is determined to pass the memories of her race on to her children and will do anything to ensure her dream comes true. The survival of the human race is at great risk as the three chosen ones, led by brilliant doctor Kiara Leary, battle overwhelming forces both those who want Sarah's knowledge to further their own goal of world domination and those who will do anything to see that same knowledge destroyed forever. In the first of a three-book series bringing together pharaonic Egypt, beatniks, and extraterrestrials, Sarah must implement a desperate plan in order to protect and guide Kiara and, in the end, may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve her legacy.A line of three Highway Patrol cars whiz pass and then make a U-turn across the median, chasing the car that had nearly hit hers. She takes ... jams her debit card into the pay-at-the-pump slot, and waits for the a€œAuthorizeda€ message to appear.

Title:Chasing the Meridian
Author:Donald Bacon
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-11


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