Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

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The goal of this textbook is to provide first-year engineering students with a firm grounding in the fundamentals of chemical and bioprocess engineering. However, instead of being a general overview of the two topics, Fundamentals of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering will identify and focus on specific areas in which attaining a solid competency is desired. This strategy is the direct result of studies showing that broad-based courses at the freshman level often leave students grappling with a lot of material, which results in a low rate of retention. Specifically, strong emphasis will be placed on the topic of material balances, with the intent that students exiting a course based upon this textbook will be significantly higher on Blooma€™s Taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis and synthesis, evaluation, creation) relating to material balances. In addition, this book will also provide students with a highly developed ability to analyze problems from the material balances perspective, which will leave them with important skills for the future. The textbook will consist of numerous exercises and their solutions. Problems will be classified by their level of difficulty. Each chapter will have references and selected web pages to vividly illustrate each example. In addition, to engage students and increase their comprehension and rate of retention, many examples will involve real-world situations.... and they are analyzing two alternatives: Machine A Machine B Price of machine ($) 150, 000 250, 000 Annual maintenance cost ($) 16, 000 ... The annual cost of machine A is $45, 894, and the annual cost of machine B is $44, 827. Therefore, machine B is selected. Equipment company [5]. The Alba Equipment Company wants to buy a new machine to build heat exchangers. ... The company expects that the machine will not be operative after year 6; therefore, its residual value is zero.

Title:Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering
Author:Ricardo Simpson, Sudhir K Sastry
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-12-04


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