Chemie der Nichtmetalle

Chemie der Nichtmetalle

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This classic textbook provides a survey of the chemistry of all non-metallic elements. A sophisticated introduction to the theories of chemical bonding forms the foundation for the systematic examination of each element. The topics covered include syntheses, structures, as well as the practical importance of nonmetal chemistry to chemical technology and environmental protection.In organischen LApsungsmitteln gelApstes Li[PF6] wird in Li-Ionen-Batterien (die in Wirklichkeit Akkumulatoren sind) als Elektrolyt verwendet. PCl5 reagiert mit Chlorid-Ionen zu [PCl6]a€“. Von Wasser wird PCl5 in heftiger Reaktion A¼ber POCl3 zuanbsp;...

Title:Chemie der Nichtmetalle
Author:Ralf Steudel
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter - 2014-01-01


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