Chess Queen Checkmates Anthology.1.

Chess Queen Checkmates Anthology.1.

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Chess Queen Checkmates Anthology.1. AWARDCHESS Chess Academy@pdf games. 408 odt pages. By Grigoriy Burtayev - AWARDCHESS@. All examples are from the pgn. games of the AWARDCHESS - Chess Coach Grigoriy Burtayev Chess Champ /Tournament Point Leader/, at the Tournament Point Leader-board, at, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. All Time Tournament Point Leader, at 2008-2015-a€b... pdf games. 408 odt pages. Grigoriy Burtayev. [R0u11d a€œ1a€] [White a€œ AWARDCHESSa€] [Black a€œZach-dda€] [Result a€œ0-1a€] [BlackElo ... Ng3 Re7 22. R03 B04 23. Q02 a5 24. RX04 dX04 25. 9N…N4+ 9(15 26. 9(13 EdN…134 27. BXb4 Ree8 28. N15 c5 29.

Title:Chess Queen Checkmates Anthology.1.
Author:Grigoriy Burtayev
Publisher:Grigoriy Burtayev - 2015-03-25


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