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Nonfiction Usage Script UsageThose poor schmucks they drive Chevrolets, shop at Wal-Mart, never miss an episode of Friends. These are Americans. The idea of slaughtering Americans well, it just turns my stomach.ndash;William Goldman in DreamcatcherBibliographic UsageBarash, David P. Author of Human Ethology: Exchanging Cheetahs for Chevrolets? published in Environment and Behavior, vol. 9, no. 4, p. 487-90, in December 1977.Beadle, Tony. Author of Chevrolets of the 1950s. Publisher: Motorbooks International Publishers a Wholesalers (Osceola, WI). Published in 1997.Chevrolet Motor Co. Publisher of Selling Chevrolets: a book of general information for Chevrolet retail salesmen. Publisher: Chevrolet Motor Co (Detroit, Mich). Published in 1926.General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division. Publication of Advance service information on 1958 Chevrolets. (Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation). Part 1 and part 2. Published in 1957.Key, Mike. Author of Tri-Chevy: that means 55, 56 and 57 Chevrolets. Publisher: Osprey (London). Published in 1985.Lentinello, Richard A Ehrich, Terry. Publication of The Hemmings book of postwar Chevrolets. (editor-in-chief, Terry Ehrich; editor, Richard A. Lentinello) Postwar Chevrolets Hemmings motor news Special interest autos. Publisher: Hemmings Motor News (Bennington, VT). Published in 2001.Picus, Lawrence O. Author of Cadillacs or Chevrolets? The Effects of State Control on School Finance in California, published in March 1991.Rhodes, Richard. Author of 'Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolets'. Publisher: Carleton University Press (Ottawa, Ont). Published in 1984.Richardson, Jim. Author of Tri-five Chevy handbook: restoration, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for 1955-1957 Chevrolets. Publisher: HPBooks (New York). Published in 1998. Encyclopedic Usage Aluminum (automobile). In an unrelated incident, in 1988, when the soon-to-be-introduced Lumina model became the nameplate under which Chevrolet was to compete in NASCAR, irate fans bombarded NASCAR with letters protesting the unfairness of Chevrolet being allowed to race an aluminum car. [WP]America's Junior Miss. The 1960s was a decade of excellence for the America's Junior Miss program, with new sponsors such as Kodak and Chevrolet, the program was able to continue increasing scholarship beyond $24, 000 and bring Mobile's annual event before the eyes of network television viewers regularly for 23 years starting in 1965. [WP]Arthur Chevrolet. Born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchatel, Switzerland, he was the middle brother of Louis (1878-1941) and Gaston Chevrolet (1892-1920). [WP]Arthur Chevrolet. In 1929 Louis and Arthur Chevrolet left the auto business altogether to form the Chevrolet Brothers Aircraft Company with a new engine of their design but could not make a go of the business and it was eventually taken over by investors. [WP]Arthur Chevrolet. Eventually Arthur Chevrolet retired to Slidell, Louisiana where, suffering from depression, he committed suicide in 1946. [WP]Asuuml;na. The Geo brand was introduced in Canada in (model year) 1992, offered at Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealers (who had been selling the Geo brand's products as Chevrolets from 1989 until the brand's introduction). [WP]Automatic headlight dimmer. General Motors introduced the first automatic headlight dimmer ndash; called the Autronic Eye ndash; in 1952, on its Cadillac and Oldsmobile models; Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet models began offering this feature in 1953. [WP]AvtoVAZ. In 2004, the Chevrolet Viva, a four-door version of the Opel Astra G, was introduced. [WP]Baltimore Assembly. The plant opened in 1935 to produce Chevrolets, and closed on May 13, 2005. [WP]Bill a Ted's Excellent Adventure. The time machine was to be a 1969 Chevrolet van, but the idea was nixed as being too close in concept to the De Lorean in 1985's ''Back To The Future''. [WP]Bob Bondurant. In 1956 he began sportscar racing with Morgan and starNonfiction Usage Script UsageThose poor schmucks they drive Chevrolets, shop at Wal-Mart, never miss an episode of Friends. These are Americans.

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