Child Development, Third Edition

Child Development, Third Edition

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This widely used practitioner resource and course text provides an engaging overview of developmental theory and research, with a focus on what practitioners need to know. The author explains how children's trajectories are shaped by transactions among early relationships, brain development, and the social environment. Developmental processes of infancy, toddlerhood, the preschool years, and middle childhood are described. The book shows how children in each age range typically behave, think, and relate to others, and what happens when development goes awry. It demonstrates effective ways to apply developmental knowledge to clinical assessment and intervention. Vivid case examples, observation exercises, and quick-reference tables facilitate learning.For example, 10-year-old boys in play with action figures often devise elaborate systems of rules for combat. School- age ... At a family picnic several cousins, girls and boys ranging in age from 8 to 12, were taking turns swinging out on a rope and dropping into a river. ... Children collect dolls, comic books, sports cards , action figures, rocks, soda cans, or colored glass beads, to name a few. ... Lego sets, such as those based on the Indiana Jones movies, provide a clear example.

Title:Child Development, Third Edition
Author:Douglas Davies
Publisher:Guilford Press - 2010-07-23


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