China's Uncertain Future

China's Uncertain Future

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Based on his experience as a scholar and diplomat stationed in China, Jean-Luc Domenach consults a wealth of archival and contemporary materials to examine ChinaA•s place in the world. A sympathetic yet critical observer, Domenach brings his intimate knowledge of the country to bear on a range of crucial issues, such as the growth (or deterioration) of ChinaA•s economy, the governmentA•s ever-delayed democratization, the potential outcomes of a national political crisis, and the possible escalation of a revamped authoritarianism. Domenach ultimately reads ChinaA•s current progress as a set of easy accomplishments presaging a more difficult era of development. His finely nuanced analysis captures the difficult decisions now confronting ChinaA•s elite, who are under tremendous pressure to support an economy based on innovation and consumption, establish a political system based on law and popular participation, rethink their national identity and spatial organization, and define a more positive approach to the worldA•s problems. These leaders are also besieged by corruption among their ranks, an increasingly restless urban population, and a sharp decline in the countryA•s demographic growth. Domenach taps into these anxieties and the attempt to alleviate them, revealing a China much less confident and secure than many would believe.... like the garage mechanic I met in 1984 in the hills of southern Zhejiang south of Shanghai, who had begun by setting up a bicycle repair stand at his doorstep and gradually started repairing and then selling scooters, motorcycles, and finally anbsp;...

Title:China's Uncertain Future
Author:Jean-Luc Domenach
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2014-11-04


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