Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective

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Chinese Syntax in a Cross-linguistic Perspective is a collection of sixteen original papers by leading experts in Chinese syntax. The papers focus on a broad range of topics, demonstrating how the analysis of Chinese can inform our understanding of syntactic phenomena in other languages, and how insights gained in the study of other languages can in turn shed interesting new light on patterns in Chinese. Each chapter compares a specific major phenomenon in Chinese syntax with related patterns in at least one other language from Asia, Europe, North America or Africa, resulting in a series of fresh perspectives on Chinese and what the study of Chinese can offer linguists working on other, genetically unrelated languages. The volume is divided into three thematic sections, on the nominal domain, the predicate domain, and the C-domain. In addition to chapters on synchronic, adult syntax, the book includes chapters on Chinese diachronic syntax in a comparative perspective and the acquisition of syntax in Chinese, in comparison with that of other languages. The collection is a tribute to Professor C.-T. James Huangs lifelong work on the syntax of Chinese and his attempts to demonstrate how the comparative analysis of Chinese reveals important properties of Universal Grammar. With its broad, cross-linguistic focus and its detailed, new studies of Chinese, this book is essential reading for researchers of all language backgrounds in modern generative syntax.Mary-wa John-ga kai-ta yori takusan no ronbun-o Mary-TOP John-NOM write- PAST YORI many NO paper-ACC kai-ta. write-PAST a#39;Compared to what John wrote, Mary wrote many papers.a#39; (91) a. Mary-wa John-ga kai-ta no yori nagaianbsp;...

Title:Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
Author:Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-11-03


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