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Choices, a book from the Multiage Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grades 4-6, helps students become more aware of the choices they make every day. Every choice has a consequence, whether it is positive or negative. The books in Prufrock's new Differentiated Curriculum Kits employ a differentiated, integrated curriculum based on broad themes. This all-in-one curriculum helps teachers save planning time, ensure compliance with national standards, and most importantly, pique their students' natural excitement and interest in discovery. By participating in the wide variety of activities in the Multiage Differentiated Curriculum Kit for Grades 4-6, students evaluate their own choices and gain a lifelong desire to learn. This book will allow students to organize, categorize, and reevaluate choices that they make on a daily basis. These activities will help students grasp the importance, responsibility, and implications of their decisions. Choices also will explore decision-making strategies, such as flow charts, tree diagrams, drawing straws, and flipping a coin. Students will compare fractions and make real-life choices based upon the comparisons.Use the poem, a€œI Just Cana#39;t Decidea€ to complete several of the activities below. Ac Prufrock Press Inc. Attachment 7 Blank Evaluation Rubric Student or Group: ... nouns you Cana#39;t Decidea€. would have used in the poem Write a paragraph that tells Write an acrostic poem that Write a cinquain about a why you think some peopleanbsp;...

Author:Brenda McGee, Angie Harrelson
Publisher:PRUFROCK PRESS INC. - 2007-07-01


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