Choosing and Using a New CAT

Choosing and Using a New CAT

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Choosing and Using the New CAT will supersede the authora€™s successful Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, which has enjoyed enthusiastic support from the amateur astronomy community for the past seven years. Since the first book was published, a lot has changed in the technology of amateur astronomy. The sophistication and variety of the telescopes available to amateurs has increased dramatically. Computerized SCTs, Maksutov-Cassegrains, and most recently Meadea€™s new and acclaimed Ritchey-ChrActiens have come to dominate the market. That means that all amateurs considering the purchase of a new telescope (not only a SCT, and not just beginners) will benefit from this detailed guide. Choosing the right telescope for particular kinds of observation (or even for general work) is far from easy a€“ but Rod Mollise gives invaluable advice and guidance.Actually, Meadea#39;s and Celestrona#39;s HCs will scroll instructions across their displays that are adequate to get the scopes aligned and tracking. ... If all is well, the HC display should light up, and its initial message (usually the computer brand, NexStar, Autostar, etc.) ... Even if the CAT is equipped with GPS, it will probably be necessary to enter time, date, and position manually during a fake alignment sinceanbsp;...

Title:Choosing and Using a New CAT
Author:Rod Mollise
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-02-28


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