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a€˜Chronicles of a Bikera€™ is a compilation of anecdotes which Shaun Donovan wrote during his 12 years of riding (and racing) motor-cycles between 1975 and 1987. Now, in 2012, some 36 years after writing his first memoirs of a misspent youth, Shaun has encapsulated dozens of these truly memorable and remarkable (and in some cases unbelievable) stories into one book. In the first few chapters, read how Shaun survives an onslaught of terrifying crashes, each one leaving him with several broken bones -or huge chunks of flesh hanging from his battered body, as he lives-on to fight another day. Also included are the tales of his unlawful misdemeanours, as he is continually chased a€“and caught by the police, culminating in several endorsements, along with the loss of his driving licence on no fewer than two occasions! The second-half of the book is dedicated to three amazing journeys which he undertook between July 1981 and August 1983. Spanning a distance of nearly 15, 000km on the road (and a further 2, 000 nautical miles on ferries), Shaun traverses 13 countries, 1 principality and several islands in Western Europe, before crossing continents into North Africa, to say his first a€˜Helloa€™ to the countries of Morocco and Tunisia. Apart from crashing in Spain, dodging psychopathic drivers in Italy and having to put-up with various punctures and breakdowns, Shaun has a whale of a time with various friends and partners, as he crosses the Pyrenees Mountains, glides over the Austrian Alps, and blasts his way up and down the motorways of western Europe, discovering a handful of paradise beaches, dozens of quaint little villages -and several wonders of the world before his triple-adventure is finally at an end. Just like Shauna€™s first two books, (a€˜Battle of the Greyhounds, Part I - America, and a€˜Battle of the greyhounds, Part II a€“ Australiaa€™, ), which tell the stories of his epic journeys as he circumnavigates these vast continents by Greyhound Bus, Shaun writes every biking tale with such conviction and an unprecedented passion, that one could truly believe they were riding pillionpassenger with him from start to finish.(Even though this would leave Jayne and me with a broken bike in Barcelona, the chances of us getting the tyre fixed ... Unfortunately, the puncture could not be repaireda€”as it was a tubeless tyre of course! ... Apparently, the rubberized liquid inside this canister would not only re-inflate the tube, but it would also seal any new holes, or patches which may have come unstuck whilst we had been riding.

Author:Shaun Donovan
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-07-13


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