Chrysalis eBook

Chrysalis eBook

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On the day Apollo 11 Launches to the moon, four year old Spencer Aubrey is in a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness and his pilot father is killed. Spencer and his mother, Rhea walk out of the wilderness, their survival assured by their dog Daisy. Spencer grows up with his mother's story of this adventure with no Daisy and Spencer too young to remember. Near his 40th birthday he has been the perfect son and husband, an Air Force fighter pilot and airline captain. But on the 36th anniversary of the plane crash, a singular impulse drives him to destroy his life in one mad act. He does not know why his mother has lied about their adventure. He takes an incredible ritual journey that includes a tough old sea captain, a crazed Shaman, a ballet dancer, a blind seeing eye dog, a haunted house, a secret tunnel and the worst serial killer in American history. At the end is a new life, if he survives, in this funny, often frightening tale of grief, joy and transformation.Then, aquot;Mom . . . aquot; The door shut behind them. Elise got up and moved toward the door. Sidney got up too and faced her ... aquot;Jeezus H titty fucking christ, aquot; muttered Spencer. ... Spencer spun away from the window and still squatting searched for more mothers and daughters arriving. ... stood in the foot ropes on each side of the Prometheusa#39; topgallant yard on the foremast, eight stories above the shipa#39;s deck.

Title:Chrysalis eBook
Author:Gary R. Moor
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-03-14


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