Circuit Simulation Methods and Algorithms

Circuit Simulation Methods and Algorithms

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Circuit Simulation Methods and Algorithms provides a step-by-step theoretical consideration of methods, techniques, and algorithms in an easy-to-understand format. Many illustrations explain more difficult problems and present instructive circuits. The book works on three levels: The simulator-user level for practitioners and students who want to better understand circuit simulators. The basic theoretical level, with examples, dedicated to students and beginning researchers. The thorough level for deep insight into circuit simulation based on computer experiments using PSPICE and OPTIMA. Only basic mathematical knowledge, such as matrix algebra, derivatives, and integrals, is presumed.To explain the algebraic approach to a.c. response calculation let us recall the RL circuit of Figure 2.10. ... by imaginary unit j we obtain the complex equation LA .jco +RAi [cos (co t + alt;/agt;)+] sin (co t 2.2 Frequency domain a.c. circuit analysis 63.

Title:Circuit Simulation Methods and Algorithms
Author:Jan Ogrodzki
Publisher:CRC Press - 1994-09-26


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