Citizen marketers

Citizen marketers

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qqA solid... insightful explanation of how the Internet has armed the consumera€”which is to say, everyonea€”against the mindless blather of corporate messaging attempts. Drop everything and read this book.qqa€”The Wall Street Journal The woman next to you in the coffee shop, typing madly on her laptop, just might be determining the ending to next year's block-buster film or how quickly the hottest new PDAT hits store shelves. In homes, dorm rooms, waiting rooms, planes and trains around the world, millions of people are exercising enormous influence on what we buy, even though they have no official connection to those products and services. Who are they? What motivates them? Marketing experts Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba explore the ramifications of social media in Citizen Marketers. As everyday people increasingly create content on behalf of companies, brands or products, they are collaborating with others just like themselves and forming ever-growing communities of enhusiasts and evangelists. From the rough to the sophisticated, the qquser-generated mediaqq of blogs, online bulletin boards, podcasts, photos, songs, and animations are influencing companies' customer relationships, product design, and marketing campaigns, whether they participate willingly or not. Citizen Marketers is the first book to document this phenomenon, examining some of the early winners and losers in this new genre, as well as some of its most noted constituents. With their exceptional knowledge of brands, products, companies and industries, the citizen marketers are democratizing traditional notions of communication and marketing, even entire business models. Features: Research on social media Case studies of people and organizations fueling the growth of citizen marketing Clarifies the context and importance of technological and societal shifts that are changing the nature of customer expectations and relationships... sites for Chevroleta#39;s Corvette, Forda#39;s Thunderbird and Explorer (one Ford Explorer club is organized solely to conduct charitable work), and Nissana#39;s Maxima and Z28, and the list goes on. If therea#39;s a model of car, therea#39;s probably a citizen-created forum for it. ... It bills itself as the largest online community for Mini owners.

Title:Citizen marketers
Author:Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba
Publisher:Kaplan Publishing - 2006-12-01


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