Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Law

Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Law

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Statutes at a Glance; Civil Rights Overview: 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985(3), 1986; 1983: qUnder Color Ofq; Qualified Immunity; Interlocutory Appeal; Government Entity qPolicy, q Including qFinal Policy Making Officialq and qDeliberate Indifference; q Mixed Motives and Damages; Title VII: Coverage and Scope, Including Non-U.S. Exemptions; Prohibited Grounds, Including Sexual Harassment, and Particular Applications to Pregnancy/Abortion, Fetal Vulnerability Seniority Systems; Retaliation, Constructive Discharge, Union Liability; Proof Modes Direct and Inferential Evidence, Systemic Disparate Treatment, Neutral Practices; Procedures and Remedies; Affirmative Action, Reverse Discrimination; Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Including OWBPA, Procedures and Remedies; Equal Pay Act Coverage, Claim Definition, Defenses, Comparable Worth; Titles VI and IX; Voting Rights; Attorneys' Fees and Costs, Rule 68 Offers of Judgment; Procedure.Menu-Driven WESTLAW: EZ ACCESSAr EZ ACCESS is West Publishinga#39;s menu- driven research system. ... For more information on browsing documents, see the WESTLAW Reference Manual or the WESTLAW User Guide. ... fi 1996 wl 532210 Tobias, Civil Rights Procedural Problems, 70 fi 70 wash u 1 q 801 Wash. ... 4.2 Jump Use Jump to go directly from a case or law review article to a cited case, USCAAr section or article; from a headnote to the corresponding text in the opinion;anbsp;...

Title:Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Law
Author:Harold S. Lewis
Publisher:West Group - 1997-01-01


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