Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship

Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship

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What is the political role of the Indian citizen today? What are his/her options, commitments and requirements within Indian civil society and its public sphere? What difference does it make if a person makes use of his/her democratic citizenship in a more active or passive way? Who is allowed to participate actively and who is denied access to democratic rights? What impact does civil society have on the Indian state today? Is there a predominant culture, and in which way does this predominance affect its responsibilities? While these questions have long been discussed both within India and abroad, the contributors to this volume seek to provide new points of view and enrich the ongoing debate.Alok Rai Seen from a sufficient distance, the Hindi regionvariously described, often with derogatory intent, as the cow belt or ... This essay is an attempt to think about the emergence and nature of the North Indian public sphere which may be anbsp;...

Title:Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship
Author:Rajeev Bhargava, Dr Helmut Reifeld
Publisher:SAGE Publications India - 2005-05-11


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