Civility in the Digital Age

Civility in the Digital Age

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Re-civilize Life Online! PROVEN Conflict Management and Prevention for Social Media and the Web Ever seem like the Web is just one big screaming match? Ever feel like youa€™re refereeing a worldwide tantrum on YOUR social media sites, blogs, and online forums? Thata€™s not good for your goalsa€”or your sanity. Stop. Now. Step back. Take a breath. And solve the problem. Thought you couldna€™t? You can: there are proven best practices for getting people to be civil online. Even when they disagree. Even if theya€™re complaining. You can avoid misunderstandings that lead to flame wars, and promote constructive conversation amongst those with strongly held views. And, finally, you can handle the people that just cana€™t be civilized. Today, these skills are flat-out imperative. Everyone who leads, curates, manages, or participates in online communities needs them. Andrea Weckerle hasna€™t just compiled them: shea€™s created a 30-Day Action Plan for restoring civility to your corner of the digital world. This plan worksa€”and not one moment too soon. Master the foundational skills you need to resolve and prevent conflict online Understand the dynamics of each online conflict, from procedural disputes to online lynch mobs Stay cool and effectively manage conflict in even the highest-pressure online environments Differentiate between what people say and what they really want Create a positive online footprinta€”or start cleaning up a negative image Recognize online troublemakers and strategize ways to handle them Manage your own angera€”and, when necessary, express it online safely and productively Strategically manage othersa€™ online hostility and frustration Limit risks to your organizationa€™s online reputation due to actions it cana€™t control Draft and implement corporate social media policies that actually work... any wonder that so many online stories feature pictures and not just text? ... For example, many people assume that by definition medical doctors are qualified to give nutrition advice. ... Ryan Holiday is a savvy media strategist whose clients have included colorful individuals like author Max Tucker and American Apparel CEO Dov ... for which he reportedly earned a $500K book deal.62 In it he recounts, among other things, how he intentionally misused Help A Reporter Out (HARO), anbsp;...

Title:Civility in the Digital Age
Author:Andrea Weckerle
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2013-02-13


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