CK-12 Engineering: An Introduction for High School

CK-12 Engineering: An Introduction for High School

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The nature of engineering and it's societal impact are covered, as well as the educational and legal requirements needed to become an engineer. Engineers contribute to the development of many innovations that improve life. We investigate how engineers work to meet human needs; great engineering accomplishments of the past; and consider needs that engineering must meet in the future. Engineering design process, how it differs design processes, and how the implementation of the design process effects the quality of the resulting design. The application of the principles of mathematics and science to the creation or modification of components, systems, and processes for the benefit of society are covered with a focus on the balance between quality, performance, and cost. How engineers use creativity and judgment to solve societal how problems; complex engineering problems are usually solved by teams are covered; as well as the intended desirable consequences and unintended undesirable consequences of engineering.Student Outcomes : Synthesize their knowledge in the form of a newspaper article on water and the role of engineering ... is presented in the form of a newspaper article but is not synthesized a€c Does not meet criteria : Cannot write a newspaper article a€c Student Outcomes : Critique and discuss their Engineering Water: News Special Edition a€c Strongly meets criteria : Applies the rubric to their own work andanbsp;...

Title:CK-12 Engineering: An Introduction for High School
Author:Dale Baker, Tirupalavanam G, Annapurna Ganesh
Publisher:CK-12 Foundation - 2010-09-05


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