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Cladistics and phylogenetic reconstruction are difficult subjects for biology students to learn when taught from conventional textbooks. This interactive CD provides students with a complete self-study, introductory course in phylogenetic reconstruction using cladistic analysis. Including animated sequences, questions at the end of each section, and practical exercises, it is the first exclusively pedagogical CD-ROM devoted to the topic. Students who finish the course should have a basic understanding of cladistics and the reconstruction of phylogenetic relationships from morphological and molecular data.Lantern a€” l:This is either absent, present only in juveniles, or present throughout the life of the animal. ... If you look at the diagram of the lantern of Echinolampas crassa (Picture Field 1, lantern view) you can see that the five teeth meet alonganbsp;...

Author:Peter Skelton, Andrew Smith, Neale Monks
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2002-09-19


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