Clangers: Make the Clanger Family

Clangers: Make the Clanger Family

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The Clangers live on a blue cratered moon, far away in space. They make their homes in underground caves, with saucepan lids protecting the entrances. Resembling small pink anteaters, the adorable knitted Clangers have transfixed audiences for the past forty years. Now you can knit your own Clanger family from Clangers (9781908449054). Make your own Tiny or Major, or knit the whole family with this pattern pack. The convenient fixed format .epub file means that you can craft with your smart device at home and on the go. The pattern comes with detailed project photos and delightful illustrations. All abbreviations, templates and special techniques are also included with a basics section so you can knit with ease. Other ePub Clangers patterns: Make Your Very Own Soup Dragon Recreate the whole Clanger world with ClangersEars: Using template and pink felt, cut two inner ears and stitch to wrong side of knitted outer ears. Pin and stitch ears to ... OUTFIT To use the templates provided, trace the shapes and then cut them out from thin card or paper. Refer to theanbsp;...

Title:Clangers: Make the Clanger Family
Author:Carol Meldrum
Publisher:Pavilion Books - 2012-11-01


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