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a€œIf you fear that cultural, political, and class differences are tearing America apart, read this important book.a€ a€”Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D., author of The Righteous Mind Who will rule in the twenty-first century: allegedly more disciplined Asians, or allegedly more creative Westerners? Can women rocket up the corporate ladder without knocking off the men? How can poor kids get ahead when schools favor the rich? As our planet gets smaller, cultural conflicts are becoming fiercer. Rather than lamenting our multicultural worlds, Hazel Rose Markus and Alana Conner reveal how we can leverage our differences to mend the rifts in our workplaces, schools, and relationships, as well as on the global stage. Provocative, witty, and painstakingly researched, Clash! not only explains who we are, it also envisions who we could become.... Poor AreMore Charitable ThantheWealthya€ (August 8, 2010), available from http :// ... D.K.Dickinson and M.W. Smith, a€œ LongTerm Effectsof Preschool Teachersa#39; Book Readingson LowIncome Childrena#39;sanbsp;...

Author:Hazel Rose Markus, Alana Conner
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-05-02


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