Classical Many-Body Problems Amenable to Exact Treatments

Classical Many-Body Problems Amenable to Exact Treatments

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This book focuses treatable This class on exactly many' body problems. does not include most We are therefore reminded qof physical problems. the of the man home late at after an alcoholic who, story returning night the for his under he was a knew, evening, scanning ground key lamppost; be that he had it somewhere but under the to sure, dropped else, only Yet was there to conduct a searcW' . light lamppost enough proper we feel the interest for such models is nowadays sufficiently widespread because of their their mathematical relevance and their multi beauty, farious that need be made for no our apologies applicative potential choice. In whoever undertakes to read this book will know from any case, its title what she is in for! Yet this title a of it some may require explanations: gloss (including its extended inside front follows. version, see cover) and nonrelativistic qClassicalq we mean nonquantal (although By consider the which indeed some are Ruijsenaars Schneider models, treated in this relativistic versions as known, nonre book, of, previously lativistic is focussed see our on models; below): presentation mainly of whose time evolution is determined many body point particles systems Newtonian of motion to by equations (acceleration proportional force).... z, x, y, -yir2) , (1b) f : F = F F = x1 x2 + y, y + ziz, , (1c) f : F, AF = f; f Ar = f; fi Ar = -r a#39;f Ar = -r, fi Ar = -r, F, Af = X1 y2 23 + x2 y2 Z1 + x3 y122 - Xi J/3 22 - X2 y123 - x3 W221 = x, y2 Z3 + y, z2 x3 + 21 X3 J/1 - XI 22 y2 - 21 y2 x3 - VI 32 Z3 , (1d) # A (F, anbsp;...

Title:Classical Many-Body Problems Amenable to Exact Treatments
Author:Francesco Calogero
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2003-07-01


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