Classical Solutions in Quantum Field Theory

Classical Solutions in Quantum Field Theory

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Classical solutions play an important role in quantum field theory, high-energy physics and cosmology. Real-time soliton solutions give rise to particles, such as magnetic monopoles, and extended structures, such as domain walls and cosmic strings, that have implications for early universe cosmology. Imaginary-time Euclidean instantons are responsible for important nonperturbative effects, while Euclidean bounce solutions govern transitions between metastable states. Written for advanced graduate students and researchers in elementary particle physics, cosmology and related fields, this book brings the reader up to the level of current research in the field. The first half of the book discusses the most important classes of solitons: kinks, vortices and magnetic monopoles. The cosmological and observational constraints on these are covered, as are more formal aspects, including BPS solitons and their connection with supersymmetry. The second half is devoted to Euclidean solutions, with particular emphasis on Yanga€“Mills instantons and on bounce solutions.... 248 RobertsonIWalker metric, 130 root diagram, 296 roots, 295I302 classical Lie algebras, 299 exceptional Lie algebras, ... 63, 302 vacuum manifold, 57I58 vortices, 68I74 gauged, 44I47 global, 38I42 multivortex solutions, 47I48 semilocal, anbsp;...

Title:Classical Solutions in Quantum Field Theory
Author:Erick J. Weinberg
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2012-08-16


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