Cleaning House: How To Get Your Kids Begging For Chores

Cleaning House: How To Get Your Kids Begging For Chores

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Q: Why buy the qBeggingq Book? A: It will take you from qNagging To Braggingq in a fun way. It helps turn one of the most unpleasant parts about being a parent - hounding kids to do their chores - into opportunities to not only have fun, but grow closer as a family. It's completely unique from any other parenting book. There is no other collection of cleaning games and activities that offers such a range of ideas, from the quick and easy, to the ambitious and unforgettable. Inside you'll find colorful graphics, fun and funny music, qedu-tainingq stories, and qclick and goq resources. There's link to a free gift - an eBook about how to quickly stop tantrums and fighting. When you get to the last page, instead of finding qThe Endq - you'll find it's just the beginning! There's an interactive website, a free report, a qParents' Toolboxq newsletter, and a place for parents to keep the flow of ideas and support coming! HERE'S A TASTE of what you can expect . . . Imagine hearing, qMommmmmm! Can we pleeeeese clean the house nowwww?!q Imagine seeing your child - the one that's so resistive to helping - cleaning up without being asked . . . and even nagging you for a chance to help out. Should this book be in the fiction section? Things like that don't happen in the real world - do they?! qCleaning Games: How To Get Your Kids Begging For Choresq is about how qwork and fun can be oneq by using the D.N.A. of F-U-N to help both parents and kids get what they want when there's a job to be done! It's loaded with qrecipesq that can turn any task into an unforgettable family memory-making-moment. Find out how to roar with laughter while you're doing your laundry. Play qBomb Squadq and have your house cleaned in record time. Learn the secret to getting your kids to pick up each others messes. Get free access to Radio qWUHUq (read qWooooh! Hoooooh!q) with fun and funny music to lighten the load. Find out what qHappy Bucksq are . . . and so much more! Then, you'll learn how to come up with your own qsecret family recipesq to make work a treat. This book also gives families access to with even more goodies for families. Thank you in advance for clicking the qBuyq button! You're in for a fun ride! ... In fact, if you want to design your dream home and anyone wants to play a€œInterior Decoratora€ Trimble has a free, program with very easy video tutorials that will let you lay out your home in 3-D on theanbsp;...

Title:Cleaning House: How To Get Your Kids Begging For Chores
Author:Shannon S. Jensen
Publisher:Adventure Aisle - 2012-12-04


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