Clyde's Guide to Computerese and Weight Loss

Clyde's Guide to Computerese and Weight Loss

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Why can't the people of America lose weight? Reports show that over 35% of the population is obese - and over 50% overweight! Other reports show that tremendous sums of money and effort are being spent on weight-reducing and fitness ploys of all types ranging from health clubs to weight-loss groups. Yet each year we get more and more plump! The answer is the Inner Voice! The Inner Voice also tells us that exercise can wait until tomorrow. And we pay heed! The average person, or Fellow Computer User, is just trying to live a life, not knowing which medical report to believe or which commercial to ignore. The Fellow Computer realises that commercials and one's responses to them define the individual. This amusing yet piercing book looks at the kaleidoscope of diet, fitness and life through the eyes of 3 characters: 'Ol Clyde -- the advice giver; Inner Voice -- the voice of reason within each of us; Fellow Computer User -- each of us as we wrestle with today's computing and the stresses it brings to us.This is not a trivial matter, Fellow Computer User, because, as you know, the longest march begins with the first step. And a long step it is ... Stretching can be your entire program, Fellow Computer User, or just an adjunct to it as it is for Clyde.

Title:Clyde's Guide to Computerese and Weight Loss
Author:Clyde Cartwright
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2003


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