CMOS Pocket Guide 1

CMOS Pocket Guide 1

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The CMOS Pocket Guide Volume 1, Standard Components, covers all commonly used CMOS standard devices on the market. Being an independent publication, it is able to provide an uniquely comprehensive listing of CMOS products for all major manufacturers. The CMOS Pocket Guide also breaks new ground with the format that is clear and easy. Data which applies to the CMOS series as a whole is not repeated for every component, but is presented in an introductory section, thereby saving a great deal of space for other vital information. Each page describes one component only and is divided into eight sections. The first section illustrates the device schematic using a clear and simple logic diagram of the internal structure of the component. The next section contains a brief description of the component and is followed by full details on operating the component, describing input signals and levels at individual pins. This indicates how the device is controlled and its resulting output signals. The fourth section lists major applications, while the next two sections contain essential data for that particular device in abbreviated form and a list of the relevant manufacturers. The last two sections contain the device name and number, highlighted for easy reference. The CMOS Pocket Guide extracts all the essential data from the manufacturers own data books and presents it in a clear and concise format. This guide is the first e-book publication of the series containing: CMOS Pocket Guide, Part 2 (Special components) HCMOS Pocket Guide TTL Pocket Guide, Part 1 (7400-74200) TTL Pocket Guide, Part 2 (74201-74640) TTL Pocket Guide, Part 3 (74641 a€“ 7430640)For example, the 4737 from Philips is a four-digit decade counter, whilst the 4737 from Fairchild is a 7-digit counter. Ewen When the ... Fairchild (NAT) does not use additional letters in most cases (e.g. XXXX). a#39;Goldstar ... New Japan Radio (NJR) prefixes the generic number with the letters NJU (e.g. NJUXXXX). OKI Electricanbsp;...

Title:CMOS Pocket Guide 1
Author:Daniela Juen
Publisher:epubli - 2014-02-05


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