Co-operative Enterprise Building a Better World

Co-operative Enterprise Building a Better World

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The purpose of this book is to introduce you in considerable detail to what we call the a€˜co-operative enterprisea€™, and to explore with you the broader question of why co-operatives are important in todaya€™s world. This is not a a€œhow toa€ book, in the normal sense. It is however (we hope) an excellent foundation upon which to broaden your understanding and appreciation of co-operative forms of enterprise, not only in your country - but around the globe. You will learn why co-operation works and also see why sometimes it may not work, and you will learn about best practices and success factors within co-operatives. If you are an employee, a manager, or an elected official within a co-operative, you will also learn about why and how leadership and management effectiveness are different in co-operative forms of enterprise. The book is divided into five parts. The first part is called a€œSetting the Stagea€, and contains two chapters. The first chapter introduces the reader to the nature of co-operation, while the second chapter looks at the evolution of co-operation all the way from social movements to business systems of enterprise. The second part is entitled a€œHow Co-operatives Are Differenta€ and begins by presenting what we call the a€œco-operative value propositiona€. The third and fourth chapters provide details on the difference between the co-operative sector, the private sector, and the public sector. Chapter Five describes why and how leadership and management effectiveness are different in a co-operative. The third part is entitled a€œCo-operatives Todaya€ and it includes three chapters. Chapter Six describes a€œNational and International Co-operative Developmenta€, and Chapter Seven looks at the role co-operatives have played and are playing in a€œWealth Creation, Community Development , and Poverty Reductiona€ around the globe. The last chapter in this section describes the a€œPivotal Role for Government in Enabling Development.a€ Part Four is entitled a€œBuilding a Better Worlda€ and it includes three chapters. The first chapter, Chapter Nine is entitled a€œSome Strategies and Tactics for Successa€. Chapter Ten is entitled a€œTowards a World Vision for Co-operativesa€. Chapter Eleven is a€œThe Challenges and Opportunities Aheada€, and it invites and challenges readers - and all co-operators - to seriously imagine what the future might be for co-operative forms of enterprise. No small undertaking to be sure! Just for fun we have included a final part called a€œEverything Else Co-operativea€ into which we cram additional co-operative website links and interesting content which we think you might like and which didna€™t exactly seem to fit anywhere else. You decide! We also include some of our parting after thoughts (post scripts) in this section.29 For a quick overview of CrAcdit Agricole you may use and search for a€œCredit Agricolea€. 30 This ... Association with the BC-Alberta Social Economy Research Alliance reported their research finding in August 2011.

Title:Co-operative Enterprise Building a Better World
Author:Terry MacDonald, Greg Wallace, Ian MacPherson
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2013-10-01


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