Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming

Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming

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Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming explains the basics of global warming in clear, objective language. Whether you need help sorting facts from sensationalism or want to have an informed opinion about the most important conversation going on today, Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming delivers the goods. Drawing on scientific data from leading authorities on the topic, Saliken clarifies common misconceptions and answers such frequently asked questions as: What is the difference between climate change and global warming? What natural sources can cause global warming? What is the difference between greenhouse gases and pollution? What are carbon credits? What is peak oil? Are fuel cells a type of alternative energy? Informative without over-complicating, dumbing down or preaching, this concise guide cuts a refreshing path through the dense fog surrounding global warming. And it includes 11 ways you can make a difference. qThe classic martini of climate change booksa€”a short, crisp, clear guide to the problem and its renewable-energy€”David SuzukiEverything you need to know to converse intelligently about global warming in any social situation Annette Saliken. ORIGIN OF FOSSIL FUELS Fossil fuels originate from the fossilized remains of ancient plants and creatures. ... Figure 1.8 in chapter one showed how societya#39;s use of fossil fuels is directly connected to carbon dioxide, the dominant greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Humansanbsp;...

Title:Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming
Author:Annette Saliken
Publisher:Heritage House Publishing Co - 2011-05-24


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