Code of Christ - You Decipher

Code of Christ - You Decipher

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The adventure begins and opens new ways by which true liberty is obtained. An exercise of unforgettable seeking and finding experiences lived by the characters: an archaeologist, a sincere friend, a historian and a Bedouin. They will take us to explore the Middle East and its wonderful places a€“ Petra, the Jordanian city considered the Eight Wonder of the World; Jerusalem, the Holy City, capital of Israel; Amman, capital of Jordan, with the reflection of the sunset splendor on its white buildings; Tel Aviv, of modern architecture. They will face many obstacles: wars, conspiracies, spies, militias and secret societies. They will climb mountains, go inside of caverns, get to know secrets kept in parchment scrolls for 2 thousand years, and unriddle the biggest of them all a€“ Code of Christ! A challenge for each one of us: to encounter our true purpose. This astonishing book will prepare you to reach the greatest treasure ever found on Earth. Find it!And, being zealous with my precious one, I toldher: a€“Monique, promise me that you will be very carefulwith your thesis! That is how Icalled the research in ... For a longtime I had notsaid three little wordsthat were part of this peace. Myheart trusted thatitwas theright timeand I couldsay it: a€œI loveyou!a€ Monique reciprocated myanbsp;...

Title:Code of Christ - You Decipher
Author:Gregório Vicente, Lucas Vicente
Publisher:Judá Comercial Editora Ltda ME - 2014-12-15


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