Codes and Consequences : Choosing Linguistic Varieties

Codes and Consequences : Choosing Linguistic Varieties

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Carol Myers-Scotton has edited a collection of essays that covers the choice of one style of English over another in everything from Bible translations to qsurprise in poetryq to supervisor-worker interactions on the automobile assembly line. An important theme developed to varying degrees in these papers is the notion that speakers and writers, as rational actors, exploit the unmarked-marked opposition regarding audience expectations so as to convey messages of intentionality charged with social or psychological import.Referring to oneself in the third person throughout the entire essay when it is clear that the author and the subject are ... in examples [42] and [43]: [42] [From a persuasive essay that argues against hunting] He Second-Language Acquisition 211.

Title:Codes and Consequences : Choosing Linguistic Varieties
Author:Carol Myers-Scotton Carolina Distinguished Professor of Linguistics University of South Carolina
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1998-07-22


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