Cold Shot

Cold Shot

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With a€œsearing actiona€ (Publishers Weekly) and a€œlead characters [who] are fleshed out and interesting, especially the decidedly Sherlock-ian Burkea€ (Kirkus Reviews), Mark Henshaw delivers the ingenious follow-up to his debut novel, Red Cell, featuring two CIA analysts on the hunt for a dangerous nuclear scientist. The USS Vicksburg is returning home when the crew comes upon a lifeboat bearing a dead Somali pirate who shows signs of torture. Questions immediately arise: Who is this man, and which ship did he come from? Who tortured him? Soon Red Cell analysts Kyra Stryker and Jonathan Burke have traced the dead man back to an Iranian ship currently bound for Venezuelaa€”and the ship appears to have dangerous, radioactive cargo on board. The Iraniansa€™ plan quickly becomes cleara€”theya€™re building a nuclear bomb in politically unstable Venezuela, away from the UNa€™s prying eyes. Stryker and Burke must tread carefully, though, because diplomacy in Venezuela is tricky at best. A civil war is at stake if word gets out. Can they stop the Iranians before ita€™s too late? From current CIA analyst and Red Cell think tank veteran Mark Henshaw, Cold Shot is a€œtense, suspenseful, and loaded with immersive detaila€ (Kirkus Reviews)a€”a thrilling journey into the intelligence world that only a true insider could create.Several of the vehicles were SUVs and trucks, not the town cars and vans the State Foreign Service officers had at their disposal. Kyra preferred that. ... a€œ Therea#39;s your ride.a€ Marisa pointed to a far corner occupied by a Toyota 4Runner that had seen a few minor collisions. It made sense not to fix every scrape, Kyra supposed.

Title:Cold Shot
Author:Mark Henshaw
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-05-20


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