Collision Course

Collision Course

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Immovable object? Meet the irresistible force. Paramedic Aaron Chase doesna€™t have anything against love. It just comes with a lot of responsibility, like when he had to raise his sister and brothers after their drug-addicted mom took off for good. Now that the last one is off to college, Aarona€™s anticipating enjoying life on his own terms. He certainly wasna€™t expecting Joey Miller to accidentally drop into his life. Joeya€™s sexy, funny and annoyingly optimistic, and his tendency to get into trouble keeps sending him Aarona€™s way. Even the fact that Joey works for the hated social work system isna€™t reason enough to keep him out of Aarona€™s bed. Joey knows all about love. Hea€™s fallen in it ten timesa€”he thinks. Ita€™s not that he cana€™t tell the difference between sex and love. All that experience has to count for something, right? With Aaron ita€™s different. Maybe because therea€™s something to fight for. This time Joeya€™s fallen for good. Hea€™s not going to let number eleven get away.K.A. Mitchell. done it. Why was Kim bothering? Maybe he was planning on getting a piece of Joeya#39;s ass himself, though Aaron would have sworn Joey wasna#39; t his type. If Kim wanted Aarona#39;s ... said, glancing down at his arm. a€œMy cara#39;s a manual.

Title:Collision Course
Author:K.A. Mitchell
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2008-12-09


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