Color for Designers

Color for Designers

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Most of todaya€™s books on color lean in one of two directions: toward heavy-handed theory-speak or toward ready-to-use palettes that will likely be out-of-step before the book has received its first coffee stain. Color For Designers leans in neither direction, instead choosing to simply tell it like it is while bringing home the timeless thinking behind effective color selection and palette building. In this fundamental guide to understanding and working with color, bestselling author Jim Krause starts out by explaining the basics with an introduction to the color wheel, hue, saturation, value, and more. He then dives deeper into the practical application of color with instruction on how to alter hues, create palettes, target themes, paint with color, use digital color, and accurately output your colorful creations to print. The book is set up in easy-to-digest spreads that are straight-to-the-point, fun to read, and delightfully visual. Color For Designersa€“releasing on the heels of its companion volume, Visual Designa€“is the second book in the New Riders Creative Core series, which aims to provide instruction on the fundamental concepts and techniques that all designers must master to become skilled professionals.Adobe products also connect with a neat little application called Kulera€”an app that not only lets you create palettes from photos ... of as absolute and final ( unless youa#39;re bound to do so by something like a clienta#39;s corporate standards manual).

Title:Color for Designers
Author:Jim Krause
Publisher:New Riders - 2014-09-24


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