COM+ and the Battle for the Middle Tier

COM+ and the Battle for the Middle Tier

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COM+, the next generation of COM, DCOM, and MTS, is here! Now best-selling author Roger Sessions offers an unbiased introduction to COM+ and the fascinating world of Component-Oriented Middleware (COMWare). In this book, you'll learn the new features of COM+ and how it fits in with other Microsoft technologies, how COM+ compares to CORBA 3.0 and Enterprise JavaBeans, and how to plan your future N-tier enterprise applications. To demonstrate how Microsoft's middle-tier technologies are being utilized in some of today's largest applications, Sessions then presents three case studies from Dell, Silknet, and Acentris-complete with business requirements, architectural overviews, system benchmarks, and lessons learned. Whether you're an IT executive planning your company's middle-tier strategy, a programmer trying to understand the new features of COM+, or an analyst interested in the differences between COM+, EJB, and CORBA 3.0, this book is for you. Advance praise for Roger Sessions's new book: qRoger has a gift for relating the somewhat esoteric topic of distributed computing to the everyday world. COM+ and the Battle for the Middle Tier provides a fine introduction to the problems addressed by the middle tier and the solutions offered by Microsoft's COM+.q- MARY KIRTLAND Program Manager, Microsoft Corp. qAlthough I often don't agree with Roger Sessions's opinions and conclusions, I always enjoy reading his work. This book on COM+ is no exception. Roger uses simple real-world scenarios to explain very complex concepts about distributed computing, components, and scalable transaction processing, and his frequent play on words had me laughing out loud. For those who are true believers of the Microsoft way, this book may become your bible. It certainly will provide you with plenty of arguments to defend your technology choice. For those who believe in CORBA and EJB, this book will help you understand the strong appeal that Windows NT and COM+ have. (But keep the faith and don't be swayed.)q- ANNE THOMAS Senior Analyst, Patricia Seybold Group Visit our Web site at for job openings in the Customer Service Department, and you can take your pick from among 65 open positions. If you dona#39;t have a resume to send in, no problem, go to Della#39;s Resume builder, answer the interactive questions, andanbsp;...

Title:COM+ and the Battle for the Middle Tier
Author:Roger Sessions
Publisher:Wiley - 2000-02-14


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