Combust the Sun

Combust the Sun

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Teague Richfield is a funny, jaded, ex-cop turned LA screenwriter plagued by creative self doubt. Her closest friend really is her dog. Callie Rivers is an optimistic, ethereal, drop-dead gorgeous psychic astrologer who believes in positive energy flow, cosmic predestination, reincarnation, and just about everything else Teague Richfield thinks is patently crazy, but is willing to try if it will get Callie into bed with her. When people at Marathon Studios and elsewhere start dying under suspicious circumstances A as in murder - the two women team up to discover the perpetrators while in possession of a mysterious stone that others are willing to kill for. Combust the Sun is the first meeting of these two dynamic women as they unravel the Marathon murders amidst the growing tension of their explosive relationship.A nice dark night in the rain would have given me problems, but now I was just getting mad. ... The brake pedal vibrated up and down, but I never let up, remembering two cops who were killed in squad cars with ABS brakes when they panicked over the sound and let up. I decelerated to forty miles an hour, ten feet before I was about to breed my Jeep with an orangejuice ad on the back of the truck doors.

Title:Combust the Sun
Author:Andrews, Austin
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2006-08-01


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